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Here’s How to Create Powerful Brand Videos, Even with Limited Budgets

Video content’s popularity and availability continues to skyrocket. Here are our tips for producing powerful video content, without exhausting your budget, time or energy.


How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Content Marketing

Social media plays a fundamental role in content marketing performance and success, allowing content marketers to build brand awareness, influence prospects, and ultimately drive return at every stage of the sales funnel.


How to Create Big Rock Content for Content Marketing

Big rock content can be hugely impactful for your content marketing program. It’s a piece of content so monumental that your audience can’t help but pay attention to it.


How to Create Values-Driven Content for Content Marketing

When choosing which brands to engage with on a regular basis, consumers consider whether or not the brand’s values line up with their own. Though taking a public stance on social and political issues can involve risk, new research suggests that vocalizing your beliefs through content can create strong brand salience with your target audience.


How to Introduce Content Marketing to Other Business Functions

Content is key to any company’s success. And as more companies of all sizes realize the impact contact marketing can have on their businesses, they’re increasingly adopting its strategies. From boosting brand awareness to driving leads, sales, and operational efficiencies, content marketing can result in substantial ROI.


How to Create Video Content for Content Marketing

As digital video continues to capture a significant portion of consumer attention, marketers are increasing their investment in video content marketing to boost their bottom line.


Q+A: How Bloomberg CMO Deirdre Bigley Leads a Global Marketing Organization

With a company as prodigious as Bloomberg L.P., progress and innovation are possible only with visionary leaders driving change in every part of the complex organization. Bloomberg’s Chief Marketing Officer Deirdre Bigley is one such leader.


How Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik Leads a People-First Marketing Company

Seth started Conductor when he was just 23 years old. “I had no business experience prior to starting the company,” he noted. What he did have, however, was a burning desire to succeed and a refusal to fail.


The Future of Marketing 2018: Top Considerations for CMOs

As the first quarter of the year comes to a close, CMOs are looking to take their strategies to the next level. This means staying on top of the trends shaping the future of modern marketing, seizing new opportunities to innovate, and addressing the challenges that inevitably arise with experimentation.

Bloomberg Media

The Craft of Commentary: Q&A with Timothy O’Brien, Executive Editor at Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Gadfly

Our team recently sat down with Timothy O’Brien to discuss his role and responsibilities as Executive Editor at Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Gadfly.


A Familiar Voice: Q&A with Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg Radio News Anchor

Charlie Pellett is a veteran news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg Radio. Our team recently sat down with Charlie to discuss his career path and the highlights of 24 years at Bloomberg.


On Top of Tech: Q&A with Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek Writer

As a feature writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, Ashlee Vance covers the technology industry, including corporate computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and much more. Our team recently sat down with Ashlee to discuss his career path, the launch of “Hello World” and the explosion of tech innovation around the globe.


Bloomberg Media Celebrates a Year of Creative And Operational Excellence

This year, Bloomberg Media has won a total of 34 major industry awards for creative, marketing and operational excellence. Collectively, the awards speak to the unparalleled talent, expertise and leadership of the entire Bloomberg Media team.


From Market Dynamics to Mutual Benefits, Bloomberg Media Shares Best Practices For International Partnerships

Why are international partnerships popular? How do media companies benefit from partnerships? How do partnerships work?


Keeping it Interesting: Q&A With Bloomberg Photographer Eddie Seal

Eddie Seal is a freelance photographer based in Texas, where he covers a number of subjects central to Bloomberg’s business and financial coverage. Our team recently sat down with Eddie to discuss his career path and passion for photojournalism.


The Power of Explanatory Journalism: Q&A With Leah Harrison Singer, Editor For Bloomberg QuickTakes

Our team recently sat down with Leah Harrison Singer to discuss her role and responsibilities as Editor for Bloomberg QuickTakes, the latest trends and topics in the news, and the impact of explanatory journalism.

The New York Times

Chirlane McCray, in Italy, Speaks at a Conference on Black Images in Art

Chirlane McCray, the wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio, spoke on Friday at a New York University art conference in Florence.